Saturday, September 10, 2011

Master Bedroom: Demolition

In the wake of Hurricane Irene, we had a leak in the roof around our chimney.  That meant rain dribbling down the wall behind our bed.  Ugh.

Fortunately, every ceiling in every room upstairs was already badly water damaged, so I didn't feel so bad about ripping out the ceiling to see what was going on around the chimney.

Before the renovation, we had a nice peaceful office:

In my previous life, I was an interior decorator
Begin demo.

My best Peter Criss imitation
Cat-dude with wicked eye shadow and bullet bra

You can see the water damage down the left hand side of the chimney
as well as on the ceiling above


Dorothy, as she packs her bags to leave me

5 gallon buckets are your best friend when dealing with  plaster.

Its sad when this looks 100x better than the original

You be the judge




oh boy
The framing around the chimney is covered in soot.

Water-stains on joists

Above the ceiling joists, looking at the front wall (left) and the party wall (right).  Live knob and tube.

I want to re-state my goals, so I can come back to this about a year from now and lament.

1) Take out knob and tube
2) Re-wire
3) Insulate ceiling and front wall (still needs to be removed)
4) Build some built-in shelves in the front wall
5) Build a closet or some sort of built-in to carry our clothes
6) Build a bed
7) Just make the the place livable again

It took me two full days to clean this room out, and take about a big truckload of waste to the dump.  I went to dump in Lower Merion to throw out all the plaster (usually around $25 for a truckload), but I got turned down at the gate.  It turns out they got a fine from the EPA for taking non-burnable waste like mortar last summer.  So, I had to turn back around and take it to 61st and Passyunk anyway.   

I bet if Kobe Bryant came back to his home town, they would have allowed him to slam dunk a half ton of plaster down the incinerator shoot. Oh well.

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