Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Putting the boxes together

I am building four shelves into the wall.  Sort of a modern look.  Originally, I wanted to simply do sheetrock shelves and paint them; but I decided I was better at cutting wood than mudding/taping.

The shelves are simply Birch ply from the lumber yard.  I'm going to pseudo face frame them with oak; so I used a wood conditioner then stained them with and medium color oak stain.  Then a few coats of poly. 

I honestly don't know what I'm doing with stains and polys.  I took to the internet and felt pretty overwhelmed quickly.  All I want are some shelves that look half decent for my working class house.  So, upon recommendation from my friends on the interweb, I went over to the Sherwin Williams store at 10th and Washington to check out their product line.  The dude there was pretty knowledgeable.  The store is small but a lesser evil then homeyD or blowes. 

4' pipe clamps are a bit of an overkill, but I'm working with what I got

Just look at at that grain detail

These things are pretty tall

Pocket screws rule everything around me

Radiator cabinet

Most of this wood will never be seen

Getting taller (so is that pile of empties)
I have never really worked in a production cabinet shop before.  After laying out these cuts, planning my table saw settings, and working to maximize the useful pieces out of the sheets of ply... I can see how people could get into building cabinets.   Once you get in the groove, things can move fast.  I love setting up jigs and standardizing cuts.

These shelves brought to you by Hop Devil an Route 113 IPA.

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