Sunday, December 18, 2011

Building walls, installing the built-ins, wiring

I insulated the first of the double wall with (2) two pieces of 2” Rigid, yielding a total R-Value of R-20. In hindsight, I should have just used the conventional paper backed stuff. Rigid is expensive and a real pain in the ass to cut (I cut on my back slab, then walk it up. Usually I make a giant cut-list for all pieces… but it still takes forever even when cutting with a circular saw with blade reversed)

Used a laser to help me plumb/square/level my shelves. They are turning out decent. Even though I think they will only hold smaller books, I think they will add a nice accent to the room.

This piece of wall is clamped to the ceiling joist. It didn't really look good in that position so I decided to move it.

Just another few feet

This place needs a ton of help

If only this laser could cut the wood for me too

How did Owens Corning actually buy the rights to this loveable guy? Oh yeah, with cash

The conventional level comes in handy is well.  Stabila is the only way to go.  I clamped those straightedges up there to help establish a plumb line.

oooh ahhhH!

 I like to swing the laser left and right and pretend I'm Knight Rider

How many bundles of shims can I throw at four shelves?

I had to go up to the MarketPlace Design Center to pick out this fancy light fixture.  Those are hand-hewn, free range pieces of lathe from long grain pine that have been tastefully re-purposed.

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