Friday, January 20, 2012

Wiring and Sheetrocking

I took some pictures this morning. I have been busy in the room wiring and sheetrocking.

First few pictures document mudding the ceiling

The rest of the pictures are documentation of the electrical rough in. Electrical has two new homeruns going to the basement, and another reused circuit that was modern 12/2 romex. Basically, an existing circuit services the master bedroom as a dedicated 20-Amp A/C circuit, a new circuit services the rest of the master bedroom, and a second new circuit services the hallway and middle bedroom.
Scope of work in this area includes:

Master Bedroom:
(1) One new dedicated 20-Amp receptacle for air conditioner (north wall)
(2) Two new double-ganged duplex receptacles for headboard wall (west wall)
(2) Two new wall-mounted fixture boxes for bedside wall sconces
(3) Three new duplex receptacles for the other walls.
(1) One new ceiling mounted fixture box (ceiling fan)
(1) One new switch box with 3-Wire for light/fan control

(1) One new ceiling box for new light fixture in front of hall closet
(1) One new wall switch to control new hall light
(1) One new 3-way switch to replace one on old circuit
(1) One new 2-Wire to power main hall light (to be replace)
(1) One new 3-Wire to foyer switch box
Middle Bedroom:
(3) Three cut outs for new duplex receptacles
(1) One ceiling box roughed in
(1) One wall switch to control light/fan roughed in

OK- I know. Enough details, just show me the pictures...

Ceiling mudded:

Wiring in hallway:

Wiring to middle bedroom:

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