Monday, February 27, 2012

Sheetrock, sheetrock, sheetrock

Finished some sheetrock on the front exterior wall, and hung some new stuff on the headboard wall.

Hey, that's starting to look like a wall!

The trowel trades are probably the most difficult, and require the most patience

 Roughed in wiring for a new ceiling light in the hallway in front of the hall closet.  Notice that I am getting smarter.. I usually label the romex (feed, switch leg, etc) but once your cut the jackets off the Romex all ets are off!  I labeled the ceiling in red  sharpie.  This particular circuit is the first stop on the way to the middle bedroom.  I have a switch leg going to an outlet next to the closet, then the feed moved on to a new outlet in the north middle bedroom wall (I will cut into the wall in the future to dig this feed out)

An experiment in exposing bricks.

Built in shelves.  A bit of a modern look.


Headboard wall.  This picture shows how I framed for the wall mouldings the blocking in the first stud bays on both sides.  This picture will come in handy later.

Wall sconce at 60".  I debated for a long time about this, even called a builder friend for some advice.  He had just installed some at 55".  


Who wants to come over and help mud and tape?!?

Easy guys--- don't all volunteer at once :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Finally sheetrocked and got the first coat of mud on front wall.

Since I want a seamless integration between the shelves and wall, the sheetrock needs to be very tight to the shelves. I left a 3/8" reveal on the shelves (where the protrude through the wall); and the radiator cabinet has a full 3/4" reveal as the baseboard will need to die into on both sides. Quater-round will wrap in front of the cabinet on the floor, and die behind the radiator. This should cover any gaps that have presented themselves due to trying plumb/square/level the cabinet. As for the shelves, this is basically it! We are getting close to their final look. Obviously, when the windows have sills and trim, it will look much more finished (not that far off!)

All the pictures of electrical of electrical boxes are for documentation purposes.
(1) Both bedside outlets will be double ganged duplexes.
(2) Dedicated 20-Amp duplex is live and working great.
(3) New duplexes installed (but not yet serviced) in the middle bedroom.

To do list:
(1) Finishing mud and sand, new wall and ceiling.
(2) Scrape all remaining wallpaper. Mud and tape all corners.
Bed Wall
(1) Tapcon into brick for bed wall, to stabilize wall and give corner nailers
(2) Pick height of sconces in bedroom, so i can install and wire two new work sconce boxes. This will allow for finishing the sheetrock in the bedroom completely.
(3) Decide on wall moldings. I am thinking about three rectangles, 2 end ones would have lights in the center, and one centering one over the bed. Sort of a homage to old wall moldings.
Example (just the upper portion):

Wouldn't this be great if these pictures were actually from our house?
Honestly, I wouldn't mind having these all over the house.

Outside Bedroom
(1) Put in old work ceiling boxes in both hallway and middle bedroom
Check out the pictures below

Rockwool soundproofing insulation.  I doubt it has a chance vs. the 10,000 motorcycle dudes that come ripping down our street all summer. 

3/4 of the way there.  The cuts around the shelves were pretty difficult.  I won't go for this modern look ever again.

The man responsible for this disaster.

Is that Elvira behind me?

Switch leg

Outlet, South wall

Double gang, headboard wall.

Oh no! the Foreman just showed up.. GET BACK TO WORK!!

Let's shed a a little daylight on the situation.

 Ceiling box.

 I've never seen this room so clean.

Middle bedroom, East wall.

Middle bedroom, closet wall.

Hallway, switch leg for new overhead light.