Monday, April 30, 2012

New circuits on the service panel

About six months ago, I had some licensed elctricians put in a new service panel.  I kept the 100-Amp service from the street, but got rid of the old Federal Pacific box, which apparently won't trip if you take a bath with along with your electric iron on AND your toaster.  The entire house in knob+tube (in decent shape) but there are a ton of splices in the walls and very few outlets throughout the house.

New electric panel, opened up.  I have a ton of experience working with electric, so this will be a piece of cake.

Adding circuits 11 & 12
Circuit 11 services the master bedroom
Circuit 12 services the hallway and middle bedroom (I have not wired everything there yet, so I will not be flipping the breaker at this point)

New 12 AWG Romex  leaving the box and headed for the 2nd floor

Here's a cool piece of trim that was "routed" to channel some old knob and tube back to the box, along the side of a floor joist in our basement.  Clearly, the previous home owners made an excellent choice by ripping this stuff out and putting in some mitered 1970's clamshell trim everywhere in the house. 

Electric panel all covered up. Official blue warning-grade tape.

New wall sconces!  I just threw this up there to see what it looks like.  These are vintage-looking, but I actually got them at homey d.  These really broke the bank at about $14 a piece.  Hopefully they will last longer than 5 or 10 minutes before they burn the house down.  Aesthetically, I just have to trust Dorothy on these.  Aren't those centered nicely on those wall moldings?

I caulked the nail holes on the trim, but I think I'm going to do a second round.


  1. Thanks for the lunch and learn.

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  3. Hey Jay,
    Hooray for renovating your house and hooray for blogging about it. I blogged our whole building process and really enjoyed kinda summing up my work in this manner as we went along. I'll be checking in from Vermont!

    1. Dave- I followed yours the whole time. Your house looks amazing. I had done some analysis on your summer and winter solstice shadow castings, which I never finished. I think given your geolocation, we can defintely find the true time of solstice and true orientation of your house based on the shadow. I think that was almost two summers ago now! I have a spreadsheet on a computer at home

    2. Holy shit Jay. I had no idea you were checking in on the blog, much less trying to make some sense of my pseudo-informed celestial ideas. Its amazing how many people said they were following the process via the blog. Its cool

      I was thinking recently how lucky I was to be able to sink myself into our project and that not everyone gets to do that, even if they have the skills, so I'm really glad for you that you get to take your talent and eye and put towards your own home.