Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nothing says Easter Sunday like...

spending the day by yourself working on the house.  My life is on infinite repeat!

I'm making a three piece crown.  First, I'm attaching a 1x4 to the wall as a flat backer.  Second, I install the crown--flat against the ceiling and the 1x.  Finally, I put in a piece of ogee to cap the 1x at its base.  In the end, you get a pretty big and elegant crown molding. 

Watch your head as we head upstairs into the site

This is basically the only part of modern technology that is worthwhile

This felt a little weird crucifying the laser level on Easter.  I swear it was not intential

The bedroom door, aka: Golgotha

Trimmed window

I routed these stools, also had to glue them up to get the necessary depth.


I intend to bore you with the details

Three piece crown!
Its amazing how good it felt when installing the last piece.  The room instantly went from being a job site... to being a jobsite with crown!  ha!  In all seriousness though, it really did tie the room together.   This is giving me some momentum.


  1. Wow...and to think you missed dinner at my place to do that...the jobsite with crown is really starting to shape up I must say.

  2. The latter glory of this house shall be greater than the former, says the LORD of hosts.