Monday, February 27, 2012

Sheetrock, sheetrock, sheetrock

Finished some sheetrock on the front exterior wall, and hung some new stuff on the headboard wall.

Hey, that's starting to look like a wall!

The trowel trades are probably the most difficult, and require the most patience

 Roughed in wiring for a new ceiling light in the hallway in front of the hall closet.  Notice that I am getting smarter.. I usually label the romex (feed, switch leg, etc) but once your cut the jackets off the Romex all ets are off!  I labeled the ceiling in red  sharpie.  This particular circuit is the first stop on the way to the middle bedroom.  I have a switch leg going to an outlet next to the closet, then the feed moved on to a new outlet in the north middle bedroom wall (I will cut into the wall in the future to dig this feed out)

An experiment in exposing bricks.

Built in shelves.  A bit of a modern look.


Headboard wall.  This picture shows how I framed for the wall mouldings the blocking in the first stud bays on both sides.  This picture will come in handy later.

Wall sconce at 60".  I debated for a long time about this, even called a builder friend for some advice.  He had just installed some at 55".  


Who wants to come over and help mud and tape?!?

Easy guys--- don't all volunteer at once :)

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