Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Master bedroom baseboard

Three weblog posts in one day? Really??


The bad news: I have been sick for the past few days, not well enough to do my day job or my night job(s). 
The good news: the sickness gave me some forced downtime so that I can bring some new information to my readers.  All three of them.

Friday afternoon I biked over to C&R lumber after work to pick up some material for the weekend.  Unfortunately, living life and getting sick both got in the way of some serious progress on the occupy site.  Anyway, trying to match existing moldings and trim is next to impossible. Unless you mill the stuff yourself, your best bet is just to get something close that they have in stock.

Take a peak at the existing conditions:

Yes, the house is really this dusty.  How did I get sick again?

True 1x6, with a pretty beefy, overlapping top cap.  Following by a 2" bottom piece of trim, which  in  most places of the house has a piece of stained oak quarter round in front of it (not pictured above)

First of all, I'm not even going to try to get that bottom piece of moulding.  I think a standard quarter round at the bottom will be sufficient enough.  The real showpiece in this baseboard configuration is the top cap.

The only thing that my yard has that is even close to this beefy 2" top cap is this number below, which is part of their "legacy series"

The real legacy of this piece is the  void  it leaves in  your wallet

Here's how it stacks up in the lumber storage area

Lumber storage area. AKA: our living rom

I actually really love this profile (In fact, its what I wanted to use as the base piece of my three piece crown except they were out).  I think I will definitely use this profile as the bottom piece of the crown in the living area.

How will it look when I put it all together? I have no idea.  As you can see from the photo near the top of this post (with black framing square to the left), the resultant height of the existing baseboard is around 7 1/4"; whereas, this new one will be more like 7 1/2".  Close enough, but I think this top cap will be a lot chunkier and more ornate.  We will see.  Please stay tuned.


  1. Here's some site context for your out of town readers.

    1. This picture frames my house out by one block unfortunately

      The picture is awesome. Two other gems buried within the caption and comments:

      “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood"

      This is an aerial view of Philadelphia from the south. South Philly has the reputation of being one of the roughest neighborhoods in the city, similar to the Bronx of NYC, Anacostia (SE Washington, DC), East LA, and Chicago’s south side. Most of the city outside of the downtown is comprised of three-level row houses adjacent to one another for countless blocks and blocks. Originally intended to serve as single family homes, row houses of today are also apartments, where each floor can be the residence of a single person, a couple, or a family.

      Learning Junkie - away (16 months ago | reply)
      Amazing perspective and detail. There is something intriguing yet sad about this shot. It sad to see rows and rows of houses cramped into a small area and can't help to think about the people living in those row houses and those mean streets.

  2. Jay, you are giving me molding envy.

  3. You never hear me complain about work

  4. Damn Jay, you're making me want to go back to work.