Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Error handling

Sometimes Most of the time, things don't exactly go as planned.  Take for instance, removing this classy trim around a door.

Ultra-level door between master bedroom and middle bedroom

I always take the time to do it right.  I score all the painted trim, then carefully pry the trim away from the jambs and plaster so the trim separates cleanly.  In this case below, I had a sticky spot up top that I was watching closely, which caused me to ignore a spot that I *thought* had already broken free from the wall.

(Believe it or not, I used another four-letter word when this actually happened)

Brutal.  I wasn't planning on doing any drywall today.  Good thing I have giant sheets of every size and denomination laying around the house (ugh)!

First, I need to fur this thing out so that a drywall patch will be co-planar with the existing plaster disaster.

Aren't I resourceful?   Using some of the lathe that I just ripped out

Cut a few pieces to the right size will give some decent nailers. Reduce, reuse, recycle


Some of these gaps are still pretty filthy.


The result after first coat of mud.


After third coat

Sanded and feathered into the corner mud.

The result isn't so bad.  A small setback, but this is something I have grown accustomed to in this house.  Nothing is straightforward.  Every job will take 3-10x longer than you think.  I have learned to have patience and appreciate the process.  If I have learned nothing at all during my tenure on Wolf Street, I have become a decent sheetrocker at least.


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