Saturday, June 23, 2012

Meanwhile, outside the jobsite

Since I'm getting married in three weeks, I have switched my focus to the upcoming wedding.  Much like the occupy site, this is another DIY production. Notice a theme?

Before we got a tree outside of the house, I never really thought about how much water a young tree can consume.  In the summer, I give this guy about 15-20 gallons every other day.  In filling up my bucket every morning to water him, I began thinking about installing a rain barrel on my downspout from the roof.

In South Philly, nearly every row home has a flat roof.  All the water usually drains down one pipe which is directly tied into your sewer line.  Our back slab is also all paved, at a slight grade, which drains into a floor drain into our sewer line.  Surprisingly, the home itself is a pretty self-contained unit.

About a year ago, I began watching craigslist for 55-gal food storage containers to collect the roof water.  I feel like I came in a little late to the rain barrel game, as they were kind of expensive (I thought these would be free!). Then LOMO and EPX hosted a rain barrel workshop (thanks guys!), which I believe was an initiative started by ECA and the Philadelphia Water Department.  The workshop was really just a quick presentation, and then I signed up to have them install a rain barrel... FOR FREE!

The workshop happened back in October.  The installation happened this morning.

will this water smell better than the water I drink every day?

Even though I'll have to lug the bucket through the house, I'm excited to be watering this dude with the  water collected from the roof.

happy tree

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