Monday, June 4, 2012

Wolf St. Millworks

Yesterday, we told you about upcoming milling of baseboard here.

Ignore that opening sentence; I couldn't hold myself back

That's the mock-up for the 2nd piece of shoe moulding (I have no idea what to actually call this) above.

The process took a couple hours (we had a rain delay).   Basically, I clamped two 1x4s together then routed both sides on edge.  Flip, repeat.  Then, I ripped the board to height (1 5/8"); then depth (1/2").

Lots of saw dust

Mat with some finely pared off cuts

Final product

Is this an overkill? Probably.
Will it be satisfying to say I milled my own trim? Maybe.
Will anyone care? Probably not.

But, at the end of the day, I got one of my good old friends to come over and lend a hand.  We got the job done, and it actually made the day go a lot easier.  Heading out for beer and pizza afterword certainly didn't hurt (Philly Beer Week!)

Keep your eyes on this trim as I begin install this week after work!

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