Thursday, August 30, 2012

Caulk Talk

I like to make my cuts tight.  Like, molecular level.

However, sometimes you reach a cross roads.  
A place where tightness can not be achieved.  
We call this place a crappy old house.  
And in this place, I have learned to use a new substance:  

It is called caulk.

Take this corner for instance:

Looks decent, right?

How about I adjust the camera angle for you?

oh boy

Yup, that's what I thought.  The cuts are great, and the wood is straight. But the existing wall? Well...Let's just say its amazing this thing is standing up.

*Sigh* Let's grab the caulk gun.

Obligatory "before" shot

This particular gap is about 3/8" (which is ridiculous).  On its own, caulk will not be able to close such a gap.   If this was a window or door casing and was in very visible area, I would rip a custom piece to help back the trim.   But this is such a short run, that I'm going to use some caulking backer

Grab some caulking backer

Stuff into place


Obligatory "after" shot

I had a couple of these around the top of the baseboard.  I'll be honest: a small piece of my soul dies every time I use caulk.  However, the woodwork is paint grade, and these minor blemishes will vanish into the landscape once the paint goes on.

Full disclosure: I spent days caulking this room in preparation for paint.   I figured I should at lease make once post so everyone could share my joy!

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