Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Working on my base

It's not easy to get that healthy summer glow.  In order to get a proper diagnosis of skin cancer tan, you need  to put some time in workin' on your base.

It the spirit of the summertime, I have been working on my base as well.  My baseboard.  A 4-piece base, no less.  <sarcasm>Nothing but the best for my fancy house.</sarcasm>

You may recall an earlier post where Mat and I milled a special 4th piece of baseboard.  Well, two months later, its time to start cutting!

How often do my neighbors see this?

Special piece installed at the bottom

Even that return piece looks decent.  Not the most fun to cut.

Yes I use a Japanese hammer.

Seeing the floors mate up with the baseboard feels good. Its merging the old with the new, with the new giving a respectful nod to the old.

Its all about details.

For your cope and miter cut inspection.

I really like this picture, it shows the full profile of the base as it rounds and outside corner.
Who knew I would be such a sucker for this type of thing?

Corner where I had to do some serious wall restoration.
Take a look at the before picture (below) of that exact same corner:

Perhaps that give the previous photo some context?

I had to decide early on (at least 9 month ago) about how the trim around the radiator cabinet would finish out.   Because the floor is not level, but the new wall and cabinet are, the cabinet sits a little high off the floor. At the very least, the quarter round would be essential to cover this gap.

As I realized that I was going to have finished floor gaps and introduced the 4th piece of base, I just wrapped it around along with it.  The big decision was whether or not to just wrap the shoe, or wrap both.  I did both because I'm a sucker for layers of detail.  You be the judge.  Feel free to comment/criticize. Be honest, I've got nerves of steel.

The solution

Two returns going into the door casing.  Love those details.

Lastly, I'm slowly building up some wall on the east wall.  It is absolutely hammered.  I dug up a picture from the Occupy Archives to give an idea what the wall looks like before:


After two coats of sheetrock compound:


I'll probably be doing 4 coats here.  Like a good tan, you really have to work up a nice base.  I'll work this one up with joint compound.

Stay tuned.

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