Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Paint Preview

Looking good so far. When I have some time, I will finish my post on "thoughts on colors".

Good reminder of our starting point (wallpaper in other room)

This looks exactly like the sketch up model

It looks real professional.  As Dorothy said last night "it looks like a whole different house".  

Its been giving me a lot of hope about the house's potential.  Even thought I spent 5 hours last night just cutting in, and I probably only got around maybe 70% of the room.  One coat.  I'm not even using tape, so you can't count any taping time either!

It looks really crisp and clean, maybe even a bit modern?  I don't know.  I worry that its a little "Martha Stuart", which is my phrasing for 'old and conservative'.  I wanted to bring in classic details, without bringing the lifelessness that can sometimes rides shotgun.

I know what you're thinking ("why grey then?").  Its a bright grey, and it will make things pop.  Like the way your bike looks like on a rainy day.


  1. Thanks hammer- just finished cutting in and got the first overall coat on. I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. I have one livable room in the house almost finished!