Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thoughts on Colors

Choosing a color to paint a room *should* be the fun part, but I'm not really big on choices.  In my opinion, the choices are all shades of the exact same thing.

Case in point: take a look at these whites and grays.

The names on these are annoying to say the least

In my ideal world, "choosing" colors would be more like waiting in the bread line in Soviet Russia.   You would pull up with your empty canister of paint, and an old babushka with sunken eyes would serve the color-du-joir with big steel ladle.  Its like Christmas as you open up your canister of paint to reveal the spectacular color within: gray. Except you are living in the USSR (religion not tolerated), so national paint day is your Christmas.

Utopian paint line, in my mind

However, since I live in the US of A, I took a ride over to Sherwin-Williams at 10th and Washington.  The wife and I spent a whole five minutes reviewing the colors taped to the dresser before we made a decision.

We decided on "Reflection" gray

In my opinion, our choice has a remarkable resemblance to "sheetrock gray".  I know this because I've been staring at bare sheetrock on the occupy site for years.  I live"live" here.




You decide.

My favorite part of the color names is the emotional buzzword engineering that goes into pulling at your heart strings.

Let's do some word associations...

The word "sheetrock" makes you think:

1. misery
2. dust
3. heavy lifting
4. indentured servitude of Mexican-American labor


Whereas; "reflection" might make you think:
1. calm
2. yoga
3. introspection
4. mindful meditation


I guess that's why they didn't chose "sheetrock" gray as the color name.

Originally, I wrote this post to announce the room color while simultaneously venting my frustrations of the perils of infinite choices in the modern world (and having an excuse to type the word "babushka").  But I took it to a whole different level.  I don't know.  I just think it's all too ridiculous.

I'll give you a moment to reflect.

Official Occupy Babushka armed with paint bucket, drop cloth, and paint roller extension bar



  1. It might be cool to have the room grey, but then have one colorful object that really pops, like a colorful quilt on the bed or something. That way your life won't be completely devoid of joy and your friends won't get depressed when they visit.

  2. Um... Can I propose that you didn't choose a "color". Isn't white considered to be the absence of color? Isn't grey a just a shade? REGARDLESS... I want to photoshop your face onto that Occupy Babushka.

    1. Don't bother photoshopping... that IS my face! I've aged, as this painting has taken years off my life.
      Good thing I have this paint roller extension to help me get around!