Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bed Post Detail (update)

After messing with a few different designs, I decided to cut out that the routed notching around the entire post.

Old design

I thought it would be a "stately" looking detail, but I was too worried about getting significant tear-out by routing through the end grain that way.  I did a run on a practice piece and it looked mediocre.

Since  I don't want to waste the material (mainly because riding your bike with giant pieces of lumber is annoying and dangerous, but also because of the time & materials), I decided to go the safe route [pun intended] and simplify my design.  To that end, I was doing this in the dark out on the back slab, so anything that makes this easier helps.

New design

I also decided that routing that round on the bottom of the rosettes was an unnecessary detail.  I'm a bit of a details junky, so I'm going to commend myself on breaking a habit this round.  Maybe I'm just getting lazier (is that possible?!), but I definitely did not feel like building a jig to hold the rosettes as a went at it in the dark with at 3.5 HP router.

No, I don't own a router table.
Yes, my birthday is coming up.

This weblog is has its own funny time line.  I'm so far behind with posting on this blog, but it gives me a bit of satisfaction because when I hit the job site. Since there is often a multiple week lag between reality and blog-reality, I feel like I'm taking a time machine into the future when I put on my toolbelt.


... only the future looks like this:

I'm going to get back in my DeLorian now.

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