Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Design Center

Have you ever wondered where all this "high end" design work happens?  I know my loyal reader must be curious about the fun and dynamic environment at the Occupy headquarters.  Obviously, you are expecting an office that is funky, cool, and has a great creative atmosphere.  

My interpretation of my reader's mind's eye
Well, loyal reader, you're close.  Allow me to introduce....

The Official Occupy Design Center:

Ta-da! (Copyright 2012, all rights reserved)

This is the kind of place that really gets the creative juices flowing.  As you can see, I spared no expense on the designer chair by USG and comfy floor mat. (To be quite honest, I'm just happy that one room upstairs actually has electricity now--so I can actually plug in this computer!)  Our ergonomics lab has determined that 'leg room' is a highly overrated desk option.

Perhaps the only saving grace of my design center are these two items

Yes, this is where it all goes down.  As depressing as it may look, there is actually no better place to do some design work than the actual space you are designing.  The ability to get real-world dimensions quickly, observe the lighting at different points in the day, and absorb the overall feel of the room has no substitution.

I recently shelled out the money for the optional USG designer seat cushion upgrade.

I created the bed drawing and made all modifications about a foot away from where the bed will actually be. For what its worth, this is design/build at its finest!


  1. I see Heady Topper! No doubt an important contributor to the design center's creative spirit. Can you get that in Philly or are you stocked from the VT visit? - Nancy (of Nancy and Dave)

  2. Nancy- it was last visit. The creative energy is slowing down now that heady well has run dry.

    They shipped a small amount to philadlelphia earlier in the year and it all sold out in a few minutes. I got one can at a bar for $10!!