Sunday, October 21, 2012

Occupy Wolf Street tagline

I originally dreamed up this blog because I was too lazy to continually ftp pictures to my website, and creating the pages, etc. This is easier and has a great time stamping feature.  Upon this weblog's inception, I didn't really give the title or tag line much thought.

Recently, I realized that my tagline sounds a lot like the following quote:

Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration. --Thomas Edison

I really thought about changing it to the Edison quote.  Then I reminded myself of his public frying of an elephant and how he ripped off and ridiculed Nikola Tesla, so I think I will keep the tagline "as is".  Besides, I was trying to maximize the exploit of the 'occupy' theme anyway.

$50,000, due yesterday.

Even though we all know who won the war of currents, Tesla and Edison never really learned to live in harmony.  To that end, their alternating and direct current types never really learned to live in harmony either... or did they?

Five blokes from down under that might argue the above statement [1],[2]

Its a tough decision to turn down the Edison quote.  In fact, the first words out of my mouth as a child was "light bulb" (ask my mother, true story).  Even though I value calculation over brute force, I think  Edison would approve of my choice to not use his quote.  After all, you don't file 1.093 US Patents by copying and pasting quotes from someone else into your weblog.

[1] I came to this stream of consciousness tonight at my cousin's wedding, as the opening song on the dance floor was "you shook me all night long".  I was actually sitting there thinking 1) how does one dance to this song? and 2) why exactly did Tesla's AC power trump Edison's DC?  
[2] Back in Black was my first LP as a little kid. True story.

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