Friday, October 19, 2012

The Wire (postscript)

In case you were wondering how I wired that switch, I hired a professional architectural draftsmen to re-compile the drawing for the electrical plans:

Believe it or not, I worked in some of Philadelphia's top architecture firms

Blue circle = All junctions and wires contained in the ceiling box
Blue square = All junctions and wires contained in the switch box
Red stuff = Shows how I fed both hot wires via wire nut to single wire, then gets juiced as the switch gets connected.

This way, I have the ability to hook up that fancy switch that controls both light and fan, as I have one black hot wire [white, re-coded to black] coming in and two receiving hot wires going back to control the fan and the light individually.   All I have to do is remove the wire nut.

PS: Technically, that wire nut is inside the switch box.  It was just seemed more clear to draw it this way instead.

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