Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bed Assembly

Recapping with some older photos, for your viewing pleasure.

After I painted these posts, I gave them an antique look
Painted and ready to go!

Kreg jig is probably the most amazing invention since the bicycle.

Shop grade woodworking table

Aka: my floor

Footboard: this things are heavy as hell.  It can almost out-balance my track stand

Headboard, seated visually in place


As you can see, I muffed up a bit on the right side.  I had sanded off some of the last coat of paint from the door (it was loose).  Underneath, it was stained a dark cherry color.  It looks fine when exposed in small chunks (antique-style).  However, when an entire side was brown, I had to do something.  I hit it with some primer.  I don't know, I'm hoping it disappears when the room all comes together.

Now, that I've told you guys, I'm sure it won't!

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