Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Moving in

Since we have been living in the bedroom for a couple weeks now, I suppose its time to post some final photos.

This was the spoiler photo from Drizzlecane Sandy
This is now the only ceiling that isn't either a) half down or b) falling down

Bed: final

Random view: final

Built-in wall shelves: final

Don't judge me on these books.  Twas the night before appraisal , so grabbed what ever was lying around the house. 
To be honest, I have no idea where any of our real books are.  Next time, I will build the shelves taller than 10", they are not text book worthy.

The crown in this room separates the men from the boys.

Wedding gift.  I guess these are called curtain tie-backs?

Keeping the decor vintage.  I will defer all questions to my interior designer

The foreman is obviously pleased.  She has only left this bed like twice in the last two weeks. 

Who can blame her? The rest of the house sucks.  Dorothy only leaves this room occasionally as well.  I guess I did something right!

It's fun to share my miseryjoy and receive all the words of encouragement on this weblog. Thanks for all who have stuck with me on this leg of my house journey.  Remember: its not about the destination, its about the journey.  I chant that mantra to myself every day as I make the journey up the staircase, into the only nice destination in our house: the new master bedroom.

Although this sounds like an epilogue, I am certainly not signing off for good... Today I conclude Chapter 1.  Luckily, I have about ten other open chapters elsewhere at the homestead!

Please stay tuned as I start my next project:



  1. Looks awesome, that must feel good after having the house for over two years already. I'll have to stop by sometime. You'll be really glad about the insulated double front wall when it's winter time.

  2. I can already tell. I woke up sweating last night!