Monday, November 19, 2012

Putting this project to bed

As you guys know from my previous grumblings weblog posts, the day before the appraisal was an epic scramble.

Now, what you may not know, is that the night before that day, I actually had to build that bed!  I had already assembled the headboard and footboard, but I still had to put it all together.  Basically, I just joined the side rails (1 x 8s) with pocket screws.  I did have to prime and paint first.

Just because the pictures are so fun, let's re-live that Thursday evening (a work night) where I stayed up until 3am building a bed.

The lighting on these photos are a little dull.  It's because it's.. well... around 3am on Thursday!

First, I pulled up two courses of rosin paper and another course of 15# tar paper which I used to cover the floor.  After pulling down a hundred-year-old plaster ceiling (9 ft high) and dropping my nail puller about a hundred times, this was a real moment of truth.  Will the floors still be decent??

Not quite the shine that Mr. Clean's bald head refects

After doing a hands-and-knees scrub job with some Murphy's oil soap

Is Murphy's oil good or  bad for waxed floors?  The internet says a little of both.  Honestly, my floors can't do much worse in some areas of the house... so I guess I don't really care

Headboard wall, glamour shot

Dirty, but still decent.

Radiator cabinet

You'd think I wouldn't eat off these, but I have.  When they were much dirtier than this!

West wall, "elevation" type view

North wall, "elevation" type view 

I know some of those photos are a bit boring, but its the one opportunity to take some shots with out the place cluttered with furniture.  In our case (when all your furniture is trash picked or found), the room actually looks best like this.  Trust me, we know.

Puttin' it all together.

Should I try to squeeze another clamp on here?

Starting to look like something...

Either I'm winning  you over on this idea with this picture; or I've lost you completely.

Antiqued post. I just put this one in to annoy you, loyal reader

I'll be honest.  I felt like death after this night.  Thank goodness the next night was even worse!  But these are the type of memories that will last a lifetime.  And, to be fair, the bed is awesome.  It was worth it.

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  1. i think the room and bed look incredible...very impressed Jay!