Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Cover-Up

I live in the US of A, so I've witnessed a fair share of crucial cover-ups.  So naturally, I had to lean on my heritage a bit when the appraiser came in the house on Saturday. You see, not everything in the house is exactly "appraisal ready".  Especially when it comes to the re-wiring (which is currently in progress).  

Just what every appraiser wants to see

I spent two days blitzing the property to try to hide some of my electrical 'works in progress'.  I thought I had an intimate relationship with misery, but our relationship has now reached a new level.  Quite possibly, it was one of the longest and hardest two days of my life.

However, the results were remarkable  And, I "passed".  Phew!

I now join the ranks of some of the most prolific cover-ups in recent history.  Please observe my peers in the following photo montage:

And now, introducing my contribution to the all-time great cover-ups list:

(... drum roll...)

This switch, and a few other switches and fixtures, were covered in order to give the appearance of complete wiring

About ten minutes before the above photo was taken, the switch area looked like this:

A romex squid of hot wires
Yes, my friends, that is not a real switch.  Even though I surrendered a few nights sleep to complete this task everywhere on the site, I pulled off a quintessential David Copperfield moment: the illusion of a decent house.

Umm, my card was actually the Ace of Spades. Sorry dude.

I could post every instance of fake switches and fixtures I assembled, but I think you get the gist.  Also, some words of wisdom: squeezing a 12/3 and 12/2 wires into a tiny holes all over your house is not exactly an easy feat.

Special thanks to my sister and friend Mat for helping me move and clean up on Friday night.

Bonus points for whoever can name all the photos in the montage


  1. This is too too funny and reminds me of Dave's last minute scramble the night before our final inspection from the appraiser dude. Dave was up at 1 AM banging in nails near the exposed wires hanging from our kitchen ceiling.. and then he artfully hung a series of baskets to hide the wires. Myopia is probably a job requirement for appraisers. Well done with the cover up on wolf street! -- Nancy, VT

  2. Thanks Nancy! Although I wouldn't wish an appraiser or inspector scramble on my worst enemy, it's comforting to know that you guys had a similar experience. Those baskets seem like more creative cover-ups than mine. I covered one wall of chewed up knob and tube with pile of 2x4x8s and maybe six full sheets of sheetrock. I figured the guy wouldn't really want to move it. I was right!