Friday, June 14, 2013


Its been too long folks...

I've been putting in some weekend time getting things ready in the downstairs area.

Do I have the downstairs designed yet? No.
Do I have a layout ready for the new electricity? No.
Do I have a barely livable house? Yes.

But, even without the basics.. there is always room for one of my most favorite activities: SCRAPING WALLPAPER!

This scene just screams "don't go back up there"

Those of you who've been able to keep up with the high frequency of posts here at Occupy know that every surface of this house, except the floors, is covered in wall paper.

While scraping, wallpaper is literally on every surface in the house

In a 'fair and just' world, homeowners who want to install wallpaper in their homes would be forced to spend a week attempting to remove 50 year old wallpaper from one room in my house.  Maybe then they would see the hell they intend to pass on to future generations. Luckily for them, cruel and unusual punishment is illegal in this country.  However, I wouldn't be surprised at all if in Guantanamo Bay, there is a wallpaper scraping room nestled somewhere near the water boarding room.

Removing wall paper downstairs clearly shows where the old room pass-through used to be

I hope to rebuild this pass-through... adding in some of my own  flare

 After about three years of living here (oy vey) the downstairs is wallpaper is totally removed... Now, just working myself up the stairs

Freddy Krueger house

If only Freddy Krueger actually lived here... then this wallpaper house would just be a dream, and then I would wake up in my comfortable, modern, non-wallpapered house.  Wah- wah.

If Krueger actually lived here, maybe he'd let me borrow  razor glove of his so  I can scrape this crap out of these corners.  Note the ceiling wallpaper: a true nightmare on wolf st.

Old newspapers as backing for wallpaper
In the corners, they used newspapers to maybe sure-up the crumbling plaster before the wallpaper install. In this particular corner, it was all about entertainment section with the movie listings.  Philadelphia used to have over 400 movie houses! It's pretty neat to see all the locations of these theaters when uncovering old newspapers in the house.

The hard to reach spots... lets save these for tomorrow

The ceiling in the upstairs hall

Now this is what I call a fun Friday night!

Well  its been a long day. My half day at work turned into a full day.. then I came home and did this until now.  Time to get some sleep.  I plan to bang this out tomorrow.  I hope its not too hot out.

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