Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Middle room - wallpaper

Updates to this website are few and far between, but updates to the job site are continuous and ongoing.

I have been working on the middle bedroom for a while now.  I can't really say how long because I honestly don't remember. I have been working every free moment for at least the last six weeks.  To increase my productivity and efficiency, I've cut sleeping down to less than four hours a night for the last month+.

To state the obvious: I feel pretty awesome.

And, I'm not losing another hour of sleep to update the website, I'm sorry loyal reader. I've let you down.  Please give me a second chance with this high level recap of what has been going on in the middle bedroom upstairs.

Existing situation

  • Wallpaper on ceilings and walls
  • Water damage to the ceiling
  • Some live romex in the ceiling, which I put for future use last year.  This is supposed to powre the hall light, which is a three-way switch controlled both upstairs and downstairs.
  • No overhead light or switch in bedroom

Desired situation

  • A livable room, safe enough for my new roommate

Enough of my ramblings.. on to the pictures. Let's take a walk around the room before I begin.


East (that switch is NOT real)


And now, the fun begins.

The little red guy is my scoring tool

Abstract piece I'm working on for MOMA

The rewards.

Honestly, the worst part of doing this is spraying this spray bottle (1 part fabric softer, 10 parts water).  My fingers are killing me after a twelve hour session of spraying this crap.  Its a trade off.  I do wind up smelling like clean clothes  fresh out of the dryer... not that I actually know what that smells like.

Nothing beats a hot, upstairs room in a South Philly house with poor ventilation.

Just look at that juxtaposition

This is the point when I start thinking "maybe I should have just left the room as is."

Wall shared with master bedroom (facing north).  Plaster on lathe.

Party wall (facing west).  Plaster on brick.
Doesn't it just look beautiful when all cleaned up??

Nothing like some live wires in the ceiling to twist a light fixture on to.  

Hall wall (looking east). Plaster on lathe.  This one is hammered.

Back wall (shares with bathroom, and exterior wall).  Plaster board over plaster and lathe. 

Picture during the scrub phase (after all wallpaper is removed, you must scrub the ancient glue residue off the walls). We use hot water and vinegar.

It's funny.  The work is endless. And minimally rewarding.  But, when I review the pictures a month later, there is evidence of progress.  And it doesn't stop there.  Please stayed tuned as I attempt to chronicle the continuing progress at the Occupy site.


  1. Love that ceiling wall paper! So hard to see it go. Your future roommate will appreciate all this hard work. -- Nancy in VT

  2. It was actually the only place in the house where we had to make a decision. We both liked the colors in this room.

    I considered keeping the party wall with the particular print you mention (only area without significant water damage), but we were having trouble coming up with a color for the rest of the room that would compliment that tan and, umm, aqua-seafoam blue. Besides, these pictures make it seem like it was in better shape than it was.

    But I agree-- this wallpaper was the best that we had in the house. No doubt. I'll miss the warm blue hue in this room.

    RIP flower print wallpaper 19?? - 2013.

  3. Review of the Occupy murals in the New York Times:

    The walls evoke a certain abstract coffee-stain sensibility. The author was clearly making a statement about the rapidity of change as it relates to the human condition, as well as a desire for certain materialities to express themselves both physically and in a sense of the collective consciousness.