Thursday, October 17, 2013

Seven tries, head to wall

Actually I messed this one up on my first try:

Son of a bird
Thank goodness for this weblog. Now, my mistakes are chronicled for me, so I can look them up and re-live those magical moments when *carefully* attempt to pull door trim off the wall and pull a whole section of wall with it.

Look familiar? Yeah-- this was right on the other side of the door in the previous pictures, about a year ago [used with permission from Occupy archives].

Good thing I got a ton of 5/8" sheetrock pieces down in the basement taking up that extra space I don't need.  Let's look on the bright side... I probably need the practice with sheetrocking, mudding, and taping.

Looks like this thing is stuck

Anyway, should be an easy fix, but a small step backwards nonetheless. I'm just amazed that I did the same exact thing twice on the same door.  Unreal.

View when I look in my bathroom mirror

Not that I can see that great in my bathroom... by flashlight.

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