Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The shape: What is this?

You may have seen this photo in my last post:

Mystery wall shape

I have no idea what this was.  Once the wallpaper was coming down on the west wall, this strange shape began to appear.  This wall is plaster on brick.  It seems to be old glue, but not wallpaper glue.  Whatever it is, it ain't coming off.

Closer look. I actually really live here.
This room had to always be a bedroom, since the closets are original (and so tiny that only a person with two articles of clothing could actually use the closet!)

Bastardized electrical plan view, "the shape" location bottom center (bell maker)
It may have been some sort of mantle? or a shelf above a bed? I have sat there and stared at the shape, perplexed about why something this shape would be inside this house.  

Whatever it is, I like the shape.  It sort of looks like the gnarled wood on this guy, right?

Perhaps the occupy site is the birthplace of this famous bell a few blocks north

What's the end result? The chances of me figuring this mystery out are about as good as the 76ers winning 17 games this season.   But who knows.  Maybe you have the answer, loyal reader. I'm all ears.

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