Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Vintage phone

General decay of my phone is increasing at a fairly steady rate.

Calling "Jenny" looks something like this: 86_ - 5_0_

I would like to replace all the buttons with wood ones, but I spend all my free time on the job site anyway and have effectively abandoned all forms of communicating with the outside world.  So, I figure there's no use in fixing my phone.  It also feels like putting gasoline in a tank of a car that I just wrecked.

Today I got the following message from the "cell phone police":

Pull it over

I was going to going to text them something nasty back, but after fiddling with my phone for five minutes trying to compose a text (attempting to jam my fat thumbs in those little number holes while not knowing where any of the letters actually are), I just gave up.  Also, it was easier to take the alpha numeric cues from the real buttons before-- but now that about half the buttons are missing.. I find myself confused about what letters are found where.

I'm currently taking applications for can-and-string lines to my house-- Since I am in the midst of doing a ton of wiring, we might as well kill two birds with one stone.