Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Coming Clean

After designing/building some custom plinth blocks to help facility some problematic dimensional adaptations in the room, the final install of some standard trim from the lumber yard is quite easy. Basically, that whole long process helped make the transition from old to new.  After the stage was set, casing the three (3) doors in the room took one afternoon.  Most of that was due to setting up the miter saw out back, and carrying my cuts up and down the stairs.

Trust me when I say this: there were no 45 degree angles cut for these miters.   Now, 46.75's? yes.

The tricky spots wind up looking OK.

Door trim continuing on to existing baseboard... cleaned up walls as well.

Door to hallway, cased. View on south facing walls.

At this point, I've probably coated the walls and sanded them at least twenty times.   I'm at my limit. And, the law of diminishing returns is in full effect at this point.

Time to whip out the pole sander and do a light sanding of each entire wall, and ceiling.  Followed by some vacuuming of the floors and walls with a HEPA filter.  Finally, I will wipe down the ceilings with a damp towel to pick up the remaining dust.  I have been in this room for weeks making a mess, the clean up needs to be pretty thorough.  This is the final prep before paint.

West wall, cleaned.

East wall, cleaned.

Another wall, cleaned.

Its about time to hit this room with some nasty oil primer.  I gotta give it heavy dose.  These walls are thirsty.  I know oil primer is bad for the environment and probably even worse for me and a pregnant wife.  But, I have no options here.  100 year old walls that have never seen the light of day are so thirsty that they just take all the water out of latex primers, leaving behind a weak and thin veil of pigment.  I would probably have to do ten coats.  It will probably take one coat of oil primer.  Unfortunately, this a no brainer.

The good news: less than a month and half later, this thing is ready to paint.

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