Thursday, November 21, 2013

Green Space

Here in South Philly, green spaces are few and far between. Observe below:

Can you believe I live here?

The new google maps is so annoying. The link generator is just not working. Thanks for coming through, Yahoo.

 Which is why us folks on the Occupy paint site have decided to add a little green to the region.

Things are starting to look different.  Except for those freakin' doors.  Renovation: ba-woosh!
Ye,s loyal reader: This is step 12 of the program. Otherwise known as: the first coat of paint.  Its a doozy. It took me about 6 hours to do in one night.  Sure, maybe I just suck at painting.  But, as always, there's a lot of cutting in to do.

This floor lamp has been a trooper, thanks bud.

How do I feel about this green? I don't know.  It's nice. I'm honestly so bewildered and shocked by the room transformation that all I can do is think "wow, this is so different."  For now, I am going to suspend judgment.

We sort of live in a cave, which is fine by me since I'm a bit of Neanderthal, but my housemates like it brighter.  And really, I do too.  This renovation has revealed to me that I really like classic styles... Victorian, Arts and Crafts,  Craftsman, etc.  Thus, we are trying to keep the colors antique looking and simple.   In all honesty, we have no idea what we are doing.

I don't know what this photo is.. I assume I was trying to show the cut-in areas on the baseboards and plinths.  But, it just looks like an old towel and some trash.

The "trouble spot" on a steady path to improvement.
I just hope my new roommate likes the color... because I really don't feel like re-painting!

My only pals: ladder + beer

South wall of plaster board actually turned out the worst.  I was surprised.  But still, a fresh coat of paint always seems to work wonders.

While this site is wrapping up.. its a good reminder that there is a lot of jobsite left to do in this house.  Hell Hall Awaits.

Evidence of first coat---the paint is thin on the closet wall.

A little contrast.

A LOT of contrast.
Boy, my hallway looks like hell.  Its funny how less than two months ago, this green room looked exactly like the hallway. A glimmer of hope.  And, a mantra I will continue to chant to myself as I work toward the completion of thirteen step program.

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