Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mud Room

By mud room I mean, room full of sheetrock mud.  If you actually think that there is mud in South Philly, then you should come to my neighborhood and see this place in action.  Every square inch of space is completely covered in in concrete.

"Mud"is a site-ism for... you guessed it... joint compound.
Yes, the saga continues.
Yes, I'm going to talk about USG products again.
Yes, you are reading this voluntarily.
I posted those pictures a little prematurely yesterday.  I have better ones.

That's 90%+ coverage right?  I hope you guys had your cash in hand come opening bell this morning!
Even Warren Buffet saw this renovation coming, folks.  Did I tip him off?  Well, let's just say what me and Ren discuss behind closed doors is strictly confidential.

By low, sell high.  And I'm definitely not talking about this house here.

Just look at those straight lines. I really should just get rid of all my Stabila levels.  They just collect dust.
Joint compound dust.

Looking upwards on wonky corner
"Hey, you missed a spot"

North wall adjacent to master bedroom.

This pictures shows a true tale of success (I'm actually not using sarcasm right now... really!).  The crumbly rounded plaster corer here was a difficult space fix some corner bead to.  The plaster is so think that there is really no framing or lathe to attach to right in the corners.  I sent screws at some pretty aggressive angles, only some actually got some bite.  To make matters worse, both wall were humped.. so there was no way to "feather in" the compound by running a knife vertically.  Instead, I just built out the mud (over a series of days) to work this corner bead into a very wonky corner.

I thought that corner was going to make me lose my sanity.  However, I had to remind myself that you have to first be sane in order to actually make a transition to insane.

Liberty lost.

Aint nothin' but a USG-thang

It's still wavy, but I have to admit its getting better

With the flash off, you can barely tell.  This will be a no flash photography room.

Well, loyal reader... I gave you your stock pick.  The rest is up to you.

When you hit the big time, maybe you can spare me $14.  I need another bucket of joint compound.

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