Monday, November 18, 2013

Prime time

The minute the nasty oil primer hits the walls, the place starts to look better.

Now, with all the fumes it emits.. you make not actually make it to the end of your renovation to actually enjoy it.  I definitely spent an entire night (my birthday, no less!) throwing up.  Was it the primer's fault?  Who knows.  I had been working tirelessly for days and days on end, and I don't really think inhaling paint fumes helped that much.  I do wear a respirator, but who knows how long the cartridges are good for in those things.  I will admit that I am a wimp when it comes to paint fumes.  Still, I caution you to take breaks when working in a row home with minimal ventilation.

 Regardless, I actually think these pictures (below) are from immediately after putting the ceiling paint on.  Its hard for me to tell at this point, the paint fumes have taken whatever brain cells I have left.

The shimmer of fresh paint on the ceiling

Foreshadow picture: Will this room follow in the neighboring room's footsteps?

Main doorway to middle bedroom

A little natural light

A sneak peek at the color spectrum we will be using. Greens seem like a real gamble.  There are three (3) potential undesired outcomes, all of which have very high hit rates if you use green:  1) neon effect 2) puke green or 3) the dreaded  late 1990's SUV green

Wet ceiling

I added these couple glamour shots of the ladder, because he asked

I'd say this is his best side here

One more for posterity

The project inches closer to completion.  I'm happy with the pace of the project, even though it seems a bit glacial when you think about the house as a whole.  Oh well.

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