Thursday, November 7, 2013

Stop gap

As mentioned once or twice on this blog, nothing in this house is straight.

I know what you are thinking:

"Ehh, whatever Mr. Perfect, it can't be that bad".
 To which I will respond with the following:
  1. Mr Perfect was a WWF wrestler with a greasy, blond, Jheri curl mullet.  Not a very likable character either.  If anything, I think I most resemble the wrestler, and philosopher, Randy Savage
  2. I put a large marble on the floor in my house the other day, please observe this video of actual events in the house:

The floors are way out of level.  I'll give you the numbers in another post.

The walls and ceilings have followed suit.  Why has this happened? Some of the lumbered is just undersized in this house.  Specifically, the headers for the stair opening and the carrying beam that divides the kitchen from the dining room (really this beam switches the orientation of the framing in the floor of the house, and its not quite undersized as it is overly notched for plumbing and heating)

Regardless, the crown is straight.

The walls are not.

Between the two, there are some gaps.

Looks like we have some work to do.

Observe the shadow line increasing the crown moves away from view to the right.  There is 3/4" gap right there.

Padding out with some mud. Slathering it on.

Profile view, you can see the gap now being filled with fresh joint compound.

Let's just liberally apply the compound, and we'll knock down the high spots with a knife tomorrow.

Another random shot of filling some gaps
Let's just go around the room here

There's my helper again (from the crown install).  He's great but likes to lounge around on the site afterwords

Nothin beats clean up in the wee hours, in the bathroom of eternal darkness.  Bathroom lit up on this rare occasion thanks to modern flash photography

OK class.  Now you know how to hide those big gaps on your next crown install.

Any questions?

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