Monday, November 4, 2013

USG Insider Trading

On the site, everyone knows the building products manufacturer USG.  In fact, the term sheetrock is actually their brand name for gypsum wall board (similar to the misappropriation of "Kleenex").  Us neck-downs on the site don't really know the difference, and don't really care either.

Hey Kleenex, how about I just blow some snot on you instead?

Anyway, I have put in a lot of work trying to restore the plaster walls and ceiling of the middle bedroom.  The work ranges from skimming the surface with some joint compound to cutting out squares of loose plaster and replacing it with gypsum wallboard and joint compound.  The end result: joint compound (a flagship USG product) is used pretty extensively.  In short, the number of times that I have opened up the USG buckets is certainly in the double digits at this point.  To be blunt: it can be quantified in calendar days instead of man-hours.  It's that bad.

My favorite flavor is green.  While blue sands really easy and is lighter to work with, nothing builds up thicker then this stuff.

I was taking a look at the walls in the middle bedroom and admiring the amount of joint compound adhered to basically any and every surface.

Divine trashcan with heavenly light cast upon it (South Philly liberty bell in background)
Remember the water damage up here? The ceiling is no exception.

There's a nice 90% joint compound wall.  Thanks to our sponsors in the lower right.

I'm using this stuff like its going out of style. If there was a way to hook this stuff up to a firehouse and cover the whole house in it, I would.

I decided to take a closer look at the USG Corporation, here is the latest:

Just as I suspected. Date range coinciding with middle bedroom renovation

Next time I begin trying to restore some of the walls in the house, I will be purchasing some USG stock in advance.  At the very least, I will be able to recoup some of my renovation costs.

Your welcome, USG.

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