Monday, November 18, 2013

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

My house is small and filled with three things
1) tools
2) bikes
3) guitars

Incidence rate in that order.

I would say that honestly, in the 3.5 years that we have lived in this house, we probably actually haven't "lived" a day in it.  But the memories of a life we once had continues on in one of the many giant tupperware buckets.  Not only are these things great for shelving your life completely, they also act as great transportation vessels for your tools.

In this post I chronicle the following milestone in moving toward a complete project:

Moving out the genral carpentry stuff
Moving in the paint stuff

I hope you guys enjoy this post as much as I do

Goodbye router, nails, titebond, combo square et al: see you guys down the basement

Hello unorganized collection of miscellaneous paint crap

There's only one thing better than the misery of going through the entire thirteen step process of painting: walking extremely heavy buckets of tools up and down two flights of stairs.  Well, let's just get real: that's a constant throughout any step in the renovation.  I'm going to guess that on any given day, I drag things up and down those stairs at least twenty-five times a day. On average!  Anyone want to take the under on that bet? Because I really think its higher.

I shouldn't complain. I just received my one year token of paint sobriety this month (I haven't painted in a  year!)  At least the program recognizes my efforts.

Back to work.

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