Thursday, December 12, 2013

Demo days

So, my game plan is to finish four (4) rooms and the hallway in the next 9 weeks.  It started last night.

Just typing that out fills me anxiety.

I'm about to enter into a new realm. The destination? Either a semi-finished house, or a padded room.  Perhaps I should just add padding to one room and kill two birds with one stone.

View from my future, accompanied by fiberglass insulation mogul Pink Panther

Pinky: Hey, you forgot to insulate the middle bedroom ceiling.
Me: Umm yeah, I know.

I have no choice. The details of the plan are not yet finalized, but they are very ambitious.  Perhaps maniacal.  Observe:


  • Remove wallpaper
  • Restore walls and ceiling
  • Wainscot on west wall
  • New trim
Back bedroom
  • Remove wallpaper
  • Re-frame ceiling
  • Strap ceiling
  • Rough-in new electrical
  • Restore walls
  • Sheetrock ceiling
  • Crown molding
  • New trim
  • Built in over radiator?
Living Room / Dining Room
  • Cut out pass-through from dining room to kitchen
  • Re-frame ceiling
  • Strap ceiling
  • Rough-in new electrical in living room and dining room
  • Restore walls
  • Sheetrock ceiling
  • Build new ornamental pass through, to divide living room and dining room
  • Build tall board and baton wainscot, east wall of dining room
  • Build radiator covers
  • Build cabinet + bookshelf in living room
  • Install at least three (3) piece crown, both rooms
  • New trim
  • Re-frame bathroom walls and ceiling
  • Rough-in new electrical, GFCIs 
  • Sheetrock walls and ceiling
  • New trim

OK, now I am officially depressed.

Of course, all rooms will require the 13 step paint process.  Come to think of it... if I just started painting today, I might not even get done before mid February.

Well, I'm going to give this the old college try anyway. 

We all know the project is doomed to failure.  However, like any task, I will go at it one step at a time. With every spare moment that I have. Sleeping will be optional during this time period.

With those uplifting words blowing wind into my sails, I will now give you a quick tour of the house in its current condition.  Pop a couple Prozacs first.


I demo'd, reframed, and sheetrocked that front wall 3.5 years ago.
3.5 years ago.



Bathroom light on window sill.  2 years.
2 years.

Lead, lead, lead


I wasn't even sweeping at the time. I guess this is the level of dust that we breathe in all the time? Sucks

Yes sir: Even though it seems humanly impossible.. there is still wall paper in this house.

I actually think this looks cool.. until I remember that I actually live here.


Ah, there's some stuff

I'm so screwed.

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