Thursday, December 19, 2013

Filthiest Job of the Year?

I thought for sure that this post would earn me #1 in the power rankings for FILTHIEST JOB OF THE YEAR

Obviously, I could never outdo FILTHIEST JOB OF THE CENTURY brought to you by: the guys that built this place.

Fortunately for me, both of these deplorable acts of dirty construction reside under the same roof.  Perhaps I should open a museum someday?

Anyway, as I was closing up my new roommate's room, the old lady decided that she really loved the exposed cast iron radiator look.  Personally, I think these things look a little shoddy.  But I guess I exposed the the one in the master bedroom so I might as well keep it going.

From Occupy Archives: Master bedroom exposed radiator

Originally, I had planned on covering this thing back up with the old metal radiator cover.  Sure, those things are a little crappy, but I actually don't think they are that bad.  Let's face it: there's not really too many great options when covering a radiator.

In order to do  a room right, you probably should just pop the radiator off, so that you can paint behind it.  Since we had a lot of wallpaper, I just scraped as far as I could reach..  figuring that my metal radiator cover would be my "trim" and cover up all the dirty spots.

Well, not that the radiator cover isn't an option, I'm kind of stuck.  I got a finished room, and some unfishined business behind the radiator.

In walks a piece of luaun.  Le't's cut this on the table saw to length, and prim and paint.

Almost as good as the real thing.  In fact, this is straighter than any walls I have seen in this house.

Luaun back.

I'm going to need to send some screws from a far reach.  Let's stack some extensions together.

regular extension + large extension + pocket screw driver = SUPER EXTENSION
(notice the dirty unpainted spot: this is what we are trying to cover!)

Installed. The wonders of flash photography have revealed just how badly the baseboard needs a coat of paint; however, this is not visible when you are actually in this room.

The seam.  Its semi-dirty.

Final answer.

Well, I'm pretty ashamed. But, the job is done and I don't think anyone (outside of the 4 readers who read this weblog) will notice.  Unless I tell them.

If I don't post for a while, its because my stairs have probably collapsed on top of me.  Let's hope that doesn't happen.  But if it does: Happy holidays loyal reader!

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