Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Punchlist for sheetrock

I realize that I haven't posted here in a while. Its because the renovation has consumed my entire life.  I am too busy to post updates... I guess that's a good thing, right?


Today's punchlist:

Back bedroom
x Ceiling
x Spray foam hole
Living room
(front two joist bays)
Spray foam front joist bay
Toss in rigid insulation
Walls w/ rigid board
Back bedroom
x Fish west wall outlet
x Wire two exterior wall outlets
x Wire baseboard next to door
x Wire ceiling box
x Hide wire in ceiling over radiator
Living room
Wire for three overhead lights on built in
x Pilot hole from brick for extrior light
x Fish wire for exterior light
Cut in box for exterior light switch (foyer)
Finalize placement of ceiling fixture
Final placement of dining room cieilng fixture
x Get old circuits 1,3 BX wire out of box, first JB
Label everything in the panel
Staple wires up to joists
What’s up with circuit #2
2-gang wall switch
x Wire for over mirror fixture
Figure out mirror and vanity
Back bedroom
x Strap ceiling (already laid out)
Living Room
x Rips along stair header for sheetrock
x Block around chimney
x 24 oc blocking, starting from west wall, of North wall and South wall, and middle section for ornamental divider­­­
x Blocking near foyer.
Additional blocking near foyer (one more)
Blocking on south side of divider
x Level out ceiling
Strap ceiling
Plane out walls, 1/2" back from bullnose

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