Friday, January 31, 2014

Face Time with the Built In

I don't know if I ever wrote about this.. but a common thing to do is stick a newspaper in a wall or ceiling when you are renovating.  Its a really cool thing to do.  How do I know that the previous owners did a major renovation (re: drop ceiling) in August of 1977?  A newspaper.

So, I always continue the tradition.  Sadly, newspapers are likely to be obsolete when some jerk comes and tears down my built-in in the year 2051 to make a parking spot for his hover car or a new hologram television.  Regardless, the jerk will look at the artifact and really be awed by how primitive we really are, without hover cars or smellivisions.

Since I'm basically the last of the big spenders, I just stuffed today's South Philly Review in the framing of the built in since it was sitting on my doorstep when I got home from work.  While I do love the Sunday New York Times, I honestly think the SPR is my favorite newsprint publication.  Its free and awesome.

I mean come on: the cover story is about the idiots who think its okay to save a parking spot with a cone, chair or trashcan.

Hopefully hover cars won't have that problem

a little after work progress (face framed the bottom, frieze on right side and a couple styles thrown in

Face frame, misc power tools

I woke up from a brief night of sleep ready to give up on this project.  And I sort of did: its not possible to get everything that I want done by Feb. 17th. But, I came home from work and had a pretty productive thursday.  I've gained some steam. Let's hope I have some tomorrow morning.

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