Friday, January 24, 2014

How much art can you take?

Built in; the design

I honestly was drawing this up 5 minutes before I went to the lumber yard.  I'm on very tight deadline here.

Right now, I am just waiting on some wood for the counter. I may just cover up that corner of finned tube radiator that I have wrapping under the built in on the right hand side.  Its going to be buried about 18" deep.   If I do all the work to try to create a situation that will help draw out that heat (notch the framing both top and bottom, and build a wood radiator looking thing in front it).. will any heat actually come out?  If anyone knows the answer, its me.  I did thermodynamics and heat transfer to phd level.. and I have no idea.

My first thought is: no way.  Honestly, any system that combines copper finned tube with traditional cast iron must have been eating lead paint chips as a kid: those two systems require entirely different flow rates from the circulator pump in order to work properly.   Thus, I'm stuck with a crappy heat system at this place until I cut this copper finned tube out (which is the last thing I want to do, really).

Perhaps I just bury it then.  I don't know.  I'm torn.  I'll kick myself if I wall that up and the end result is a freezing downstairs.  The downstairs is generally pretty comfortable.

I can't tell with the mock-up installed if there is any difference with the heat. The cabinets are certainly getting warm at the bottom.  It does feel cold downstairs lately, but we are in the middle of some snow storms and what appears to be a cold front.

I make the decision tonight.  Loyal reader: I will definitely let you know how it goes.  Marathon weekend coming up (ahem.. standard weekend).  I hope Juan Valdez is working overtime.. I'm going to need all the coffee Colombia can produce.

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