Monday, January 20, 2014


I built ten cabinet carcases this weekend.  They will make up a large built in I'm creating for the living room.

Here is the obligatory phone photo toward the end of Sunday night sometime.

Cabinets at various stages of development
I apologize for skimping on the pictures lately. I think my camera is at work.  Its honestly not at the top of my priority list.

Oh, there seems to be one more photo on my phone actually:

Earlier in the day Sunday:  Makeshift kreg jig set up...  I even lined this into a HEPA vac.  Nothing rounds out an impressive shop set up like a masculine"love" mug.

As always, I got the drawing handy that has my cut list.  The cut list went really well.  I picked up six (6) sheets of birch and only had a small handful of off cuts.  The good thing about making  your cabinets 12" deep (well, 11 7/8") is that your only waste cuts from a full sheet of ply is... sawdust!  I live for that kind of stuff.

I did make a layout error where I cut two "E"s instead of two "F"s.. so I had to cut into another full sheet. Bummer.  But the good news is: I forgot to include shelves for the bottom cabinets, so I will likely use most of that sheet anyway.  

Anyway... time to get back to my Monday morning work hangover.

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