Monday, February 10, 2014

Bank Reconciliation

Since I haven't opened any of my mail in about six (6) months, I decided to login to my credit card and just see how this months statement is looking.  Really, I'm just making sure my payments are going through. I would have no idea if they weren't.

I thought this was pretty funny; my most recent statement

So, this is why I feel like I work all the time.

I'm beyond running on fumes today.  There's no gas and no fumes.  I think I'm just coasting.  Maybe inertia?  Major rally this weekend.  The stuff mentioned in the previous post is complete. I didn't know caulking and puttying nail holes was going to take thirteen (13) hours last night.  You would think with all the classes I've taken in my life that I would have come across a project management course at some point, right?   Nope.  Well, yeah, it shows.

Mon-Wed: Paint
Thurs: Floors (final coat)
Fri: Cleaners
Sat: One piece of furniture being delivered
[Next] Mon: Due date

Not a lot of wiggle room here. I am an idiot.  Next life will be different, I will remain a renter or squatter forever.  Tenants have rights.  Homeowners have liabilities.

Thanks for sticking with me, loyal reader.


  1. One day the house will be done, and you can remember all this work fondly. Alternatively, you could get some meds to repress the memories.

  2. good points. i may wind up doing a little of both

  3. also, i forgot to write.. that is the whole statement. its not just filtered to the building supply places. That's all I bought this past month