Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Downstairs crown, revisited

Crown is complete.

3 piece in living room.
4 piece in dining room.

I made my own 4th piece.  For those of you who know me: yes, I'm probably a bit obsessed with crown. But, the 4th piece is my attempt to hide the LVL I put in to strengthen up the center of the house.  I actually didn't want to do a 4th piece, but design-wise, I had to do something.  Classic no-win occupy situation.

Trouble spot. Future post, perhaps from my next life.  The single most challenging building problem I've ever had to face.

Built in

Return into stairwell, still need to install some ornamentation on top of the two stairwell rips.

outer corners are tight.  they were hard.  big mistake doing 4 1/4" cove.  The back-cuts for the cops are like at 89 degrees. I'm not kidding.

I like this picture.

Painter comes tomorrow.  And though there have been many successes in the project, the renovation has been a major failure.  Its not ready to paint. There is an enormous punch list to complete.  Its a job site with a baby arriving any time now.

Notwithstanding, I'm going to learn to let go.  Maybe another 3 years or living in a construction site won't be that bad.  #sarcasm #tellitlikeitreallyis #wtf

What have I learned? This house consistently devours four (4) things
1. Time
2. Money
3. Energy
4. Happiness

In no particular order.  Its sort of like a buffet, and this house keeps coming back for seconds.

Ah well, let's get a coat of paint on this thing and just deal with it.  I gave it my best shot. Chances are I won't really miss the sleep that I gave up over the last 4 months anyway.

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