Sunday, February 2, 2014

Downstairs crown

work in progress.

Wednesday night I had bit of meltdown: I realized this project was just not going to get done.  I reached out to my closest friends for some support.  It worked.  I got the energy I needed to push on.

Thursday morning I admitted to myself that I had failed. I was going to bail on the crown, wainscot, and almost everything downstairs.  (I was really thinking about abandoning the project altogether).

Well, maybe it was just sleep deprivation or temporary  insanity {ha, temporary}. I got my groove back this weekend. Tackled the tricky spot with the metal bracket (future post) and got started with the crown and framing out around some of the sistered LVLs I put in to help hold this hellhole house up.

First course of crown installed today. Including the special area around the stairs.  Had to run a lot of bizarre 3D scenarios in my head starting at 8am to try to figure out how I could set the proper planes for all these details to pull together nicely

Sorry. I'm a bit delirious. After the bzillionth 20+ hour day in a row, I'm having trouble cobbling together a properly composed sentence in plain english.

First course of crown installed. One of the hardest courses: the ceiling piece. Nothing is worse then trying to work upside down while simultaneously trying to establish layout for the entire downstairs.

Another epic day.  Will this ever end?


No commentary. Too tired. Thanks for reading/support.

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