Sunday, February 9, 2014

Front Window Stool

In grad school, a guidance counselor asked me what I thought my greatest skill was. I replied "I can balance myself on my bike indefinitely when not moving." I don't really think it was the answer he was looking for, but I meant it.

My second greatest skill (the track stand is still reigning champ) might be scribing complex shapes. I'm not sure how I do it, but I guess its a combo of good 3D visualization, a steady hand, and patience.

The stool for the front window is a decent example. Retrofitting a window with a new stool is a bit of an art form when trying fit your piece with existing jambs, sashes, etc. Throw in a wall that is not co-planar with the window and you get a very complex polygon that you need to shape out of an ordrinary 5/4 board.

Observe bizarre shape below:

the cut

the fit
Nailed it.  Water tight.

One step closer.

Need some sleep. This weekend has been fruitful but extremely hard. Running on fumes.

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