Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cherry blossoms

Well, spring is in the air here in Philadelphia, and you know what that means...

My allergies are in full swing.

Well, that's true, but my last allergy attack was sponsored by the numerous blooming cherry trees around the neighborhood. Most surprisingly, the tree in front of the occupy site is joining the festivities.

Tree out front

We planted this tree three years ago now. Its doing pretty good. I featured the tree here before, but it might be time to revisit the tree for a moment.

The tree is called an Autumnalis, which is a type of cherry that blooms in the fall and winter with pink blossoms. Its April right now so perhaps the tree is a bit confused with the seasons.. with "climate change" and all..

known global warming conspirator Spongebob Squarepants

Either way-- the tree is in bloom this spring for the first time since its planting here on Wolf Street.  This tree looks so good it could probably be entered in the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Philly ( Apparently, Subaru now owns the rights to all cherry trees.

Close up
Well, my tree may not come equipped with "All Wheel Drive" or have total market-share monopoly over the people of Vermont, but, it sure has great blossoms!

Let's hope we see the blossoms again in the fall and winter. I'll keep you posted loyal reader.

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