Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Key School Raised Beds

As a new father, I went to an education committee meeting for the local civic association.  When they discussed an upcoming project of building some raised beds for some gardens at Francis Scott Key School, I told them that I could probably help.

Months later, I meet someone from the civic association at Key school, thinking that they have a game plan for construction.. but they don't. In fact, they are looking at me as their primary contractor who is going to design and build the entire project.  I'm not really too sure how this was communicated in this way.  I'm eager to help lay it out, but not so thrilled about having the project be dumped on me entirely.

Anyway, I designed it.

Existing conditions:
Key School front yard

View from 8th st.

The design:

Five low-beds, and two very large ones

Built in benches

Another view

As for building it? This month, I've had a fever for 15 days straight and been practically bed ridden for over a month.  I've been to an emergency clinic, the emergency room, and a doctor.  No one has any idea what is wrong with me.  I have terrible headaches and arthritis-like joint pain that is basically been rendering me useless lately.  The ER diagnosed me with Mono, but the results came back elevated but not positive.  It sounds like Lyme disease but that came out negative as well.  Hopefully, the doctors will give me some sort of diagnosis soon so I can get back on my feet.

Since the school is on Wolf Street, I figured its appropriate for the weblog


  1. That sounds like a textbook case of Lyme. What type of Lyme test did you have? There are several tests available and they vary widely in accuracy. The cheapest and crappiest one is the ELISA test (enzyme linked immunosorbent assay) which the CDC says will only catch ~25% of cases. A slightly better one is the Western blot test, which is available pretty much anywhere. The best and most expensive one is the Igenex test, which is most accurate because it looks for the bacteria's DNA as opposed to antibodies, but it's harder to find a place that will do it. Doctors' knowledge about Lyme varies wildly. Find someone who knows what the hell they are talking about. Also keep in mind that Lyme is a very cryptic and poorly understood disease that varies immensely from person to person and strain to strain.

  2. 2013 New Yorker article on Lyme said much of the same as Bradley noted. The ticks carry a cocktail of trouble w/ Lyme being just one problem. The Lyme Wars, found here: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2013/07/01/130701fa_fact_specter

    Good luck! -- Nancy Oh, and the raised bed scheme looks great!

  3. Hi Occupy, My roomie, Dave, is on day six of fever/chills, dull achey head, joint pain. He's been to the doctor's but so far no results w/ an answer. Can you share your outcome? Symptoms seem somewhat similar. If you'd rather do it off line, we are at eatbikenap @ gmavt.net.
    Thanks -- Nancy