Saturday, July 12, 2014

Back Bedroom: Friday Night Sand

Fridays sure aren't what they used to be...

Back bedroom - dusted

I guess this is why I dread painting.  In reality, its not the actually painting that I despise.  Its all this prep.  Perhaps I am just an idiot, but the prep for painting just takes me days and days and days.

Again, probably my fault.  I like smooth walls and corners.  This is an extremely tall order in this house.

Basically, I mud all the big gaps between my baseboard and walls with either some lightweight joint compound (blue bucket) or my new favorite, MH ready patch.  The ready patch sets up in like 30 minutes for reasonable size cracks and nail holes, and has a better grip.  I have no idea what its made of, but i'm sure its carcinogenic like every other building material I touch.. thanks refineries.

Sanded with a fine sanding sponge

Ready patch, in all its glory

Old plaster rounded corners.  Take a guess how long it will take for these to crack?  I guess two months.

Moving on to the problem areas:

Problem area #1

Problem area #2

Oh yeah.  Did I mention that I am also painting the bathroom too.  As much as I love that finished sheetrock look, its probably best in a moisture-prone area to seal this with a semi gloss paint ASAP.  It only took me what... 5 months?

Oops, I guess I should case this door before paint day.  Hopefully I have something in the basement.  I'm sure I'll have to rip something down to fit against these tiles.  *sigh*

Even though I stayed up through the night on a work night in December framing these walls to laser precision everywhere (no small feat in a bathroom this size), there are still really large gaps between the walls and sheetrock.  Fill 'em with mud where ever possible.

Well, its 1:39 AM and sheetrock Friday Saturday is coming to a close.  Good thing because I have to get up early.. again.  Note to self: July is not the best month to do this.

I'm beat.

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