Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Back Bedroom - Paint

It's about that time..

From the "We just flipped a house in Philly, let's just paint this thing the most neutral color possible and hope this thing sells to a sucker real fast" collection at my local paint store

No one hates picking colors more than me.  Except for the other me who hates painting even more.  Luckily, for the sake of saving time and the fact that I have a newborn at home and can't really use a nail gun on the regular, this room is the first room without crown molding.  I know, loyal reader.  I have let you down.  Before you delete my blog from your reader, please know that I intend to build bookshelves over the enormously oversized radiator in this room.  Which, of course, will be wrapped in crown. I also intend to do a ceiling molding to match.  Don't hold your breath, I don't expect to get this done by summer's end.  Especially with the impending doom of a kitchen renovation looming over my head.

But... picking colors means renovation-closure.
And.. renovation-closure means one less thing to lose sleep about

We've lived in the back bedroom before and its nice and quiet, has amazing Sahara-like sunlight, and you can lay in bed in this room and watch the fireworks at the Phillies game when they have them.  It's really not bad.  Add some freshly sanded floors, new wiring, and a ceiling that is not collapsing from water damage... and you have... well, almost a regular room that normal person would have!

I'm currently using it as an office, so we're going the neutral route as I don't really need any distractions.  Plus, the house is pretty colorful already nowadays.

The office, its its 108 degree glory.  Shirt is not required in this office.  If you would like to feel what a heat stroke is like, spend a few hours in here.  Perhaps I should just change this into a sauna.

Anyway-- I'm off to get the paint.  This annoying spreadsheet about paint coverage will be upgraded and featured in version two of the Major Renovation Mobile App (read about it)

Spreadsheets, where good information goes to die.

I will document the progress. And back-post when I can.  Your viewership of this blog is very important to me, loyal reader.   Stay tuned.

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